What if choosing an outfit was as easy as tapping on your smart phone or tablet? What if your entire closet was at your fingertips? What if instead of being overwhelmed by your clothes, you were inspired by them?

Clothing organization apps have simplified outfit planning, not to mention made it much more fun. But in order to best utilize those apps, you need photos of every single thing in your closet and dresser drawers: tops, sweaters, jeans, pants, skirts, shorts, dresses, shoes, outerwear, and accessories. That's a lot of work. And that's where Trove comes in.

Maximize on the investment you've already made.

We put a lot of time, money, and thought into our clothing choices - and those choices are very exciting at first. But as time goes on, we often resort to wearing the same items over and over again, simply because we lose track of all we have. But letting clothing languish unused in the back of your closet isn't just sad - it's a waste of money. Once your wardrobe has been inventoried, you can easily bring those forgotten, underused pieces back into rotation. 

Shop smarter.

Have you ever found yourself in a clothing store, considering a top but unsure what you'd wear it with? Wouldn't it be great to be able to quickly scroll through photos of your bottoms and see how that top could be paired with them? Having a visual inventory can help you instantly decide whether or not some new item would be a sound purchase (several potential outfits) or more of a splurge (few potential outfits). No more regrettable impulse buys! 

Plus, having a catalog of your wardrobe makes it easier to see what's missing from it. Quickly determine what pieces you need to complete unfinished outfits.

Refresh your style, be creative, and have fun!

Imagine revisiting all the clothing, shoes, and accessories you love with fresh eyes. Crisp, bright, catalog-style images that show off the details that drew you to them in the first place. Imagine quickly putting together dozens of new, easily layered ensembles - combinations the dim light of your overcrowded closet would never let you see. Trove takes the time and the trouble out of outfit planning, and lets you get right to the fun part of it.