The Trove process is simple:

1) Pick-up 

Everything to be inventoried will be picked up directly from your home. Hanging garments will be left on hangers, and bags, shoes, and other accessories will be carefully boxed in bins for transportation. 

As someone who's quite protective of her own wardrobe, I understand being hesitant to have your entire closet carted off. Prior to pick-up, clients will be asked to tally their items ("12 sweaters, 8 button-downs" etc) and note any obvious damage - this will help make sure everything is returned safe and sound and in the same condition as when it left your home.  

2) Photo Shoot

Your wardrobe will be photographed in a loft studio in downtown Los Angeles. Each item is steamed free of wrinkles (if necessary), then shot individually, with consideration as how to best view it for outfit compilation and layering. Garments are styled on a mannequin for shape and photographed with professional lighting, resulting in clear, color-accurate images. This is what makes all the difference between taking your own photos and having a Trove inventory performed. Your clothes will look so good you'll fall in love with them all over again. 

3) Drop-off

Depending on how large your wardrobe is, I'll need to keep your clothing for up to two days. As soon as all of your garments have been photographed, they'll be dropped off back at your home, at your earliest convenience. 

4) Image handoff

There are few different ways I can provide you with your images: thumb drive (handed over in person), email (zip drive), or direct transfer into your Stylebook app via wifi transfer. Together we'll determine which method will work best for you.