Can't I take pictures of my clothes myself?

You sure can. You can simply take snapshots of your clothes laying flat, or hanging on a door or wall hook. That's how I did my own closet at first. But I'll warn you: it's incredibly time consuming and tedious, not to mention tricky to get good, clear, color-accurate photos that way. And while there are in-app editing tools you can use yourself, they require patience and a steady hand, and often leave garments with unattractive, jagged edges. And frankly, it's just not much fun to compile outfits from wrinkled, shapeless, poorly-lit clothing. Having a Trove inventory is like shopping from your favorite online store. 

What happens when I buy more clothing?

Great question! Each inventory includes one free update session, which you can have performed whenever you'd like. Additional updates are always available beyond that. So whether you need a seasonal refresher or just a shopping trip "top off", don't worry, we'll keep your closet current. I'll also be offering a client referral program, so existing clients can receive discounted updates for referring their friends. Full pricing information about inventory updates will be available on the rates + booking page soon.  

What will you take photos of?

Anything you'd like to incorporate into your outfit planning, with the exception of fine jewelry. Clothes, shoes, accessories, and costume jewelry are all okay. 

If you're keeping my clothes overnight (or longer), am I supposed to go naked during that time??

If you'd like to rock your birthday suit for a couple of days, we here at Trove will not judge. 

In all seriousness, I suggest putting aside your two least favorite work outfits and a handful of pajamas / workout clothes to get you through the interim. Whatever you choose to keep will not be included in the initial inventory, but can always be added during your update. 

Will you create outfits for me?

At this time I don't plan on offering personal styling advice or outfit creation. I don't have a background in fashion (other than my own interest and experience), so I don't pretend to have expertise in that arena. But if you do choose to work with a professional stylist, having a wardrobe inventory to share with him or her will greatly simplify that process. 

Does it matter what size clothing I wear?

Not a bit. The mannequins and dress forms I use are adjustable to accommodate women's clothing up to size 12. 

How do I get my images onto my phone/tablet and into an organization app?

If you can open a file on your computer, drag and drop, and sync your phone, you can get your images uploaded. I'll provide simple instructions at time of hand-off.

What app should I use to organize my closet and plan outfits?

That's entirely up to you, but I personally love Stylebook, which has a number of useful features and an easy, user-friendly interface. It also allows you to replace images at any time. In other words, if you choose to add some items yourself, they can easily be swapped out with better photos after an inventory update.

I'd prefer to collage my garments in a more loose arrangement, like a Polyvore board. Will I be able to do so?

Of course! Personally I like to style my outfits "stacked", so I can exactly how they'll look when I wear them. (That's how I've done the images that slide across the home page.) But you can arrange your clothes however you'd like! When you give me your item tally before pick-up, you'll be invited to choose from a number of different styling options for tops, shoes, outerwear, and accessories. 

Do you offer inventories for men or children?

At this time, I'm afraid wardrobe inventories are only available to women. But I plan on expanding to include men and children in the near future!