Imagine having a complete visual overview of your entire wardrobe, right at your fingertips.

What new combinations of clothing would you see? How much time could you save, planning outfits ahead? Best of all, what else could you do, with the time not spent trying to decide what to wear?

Tap and swipe to create endless ensembles from your wardrobe.

Once your images are returned to you, you can quickly and easily upload them into the closet organizing app of your choice. Here I'm using Stylebook, which has collapsible, customizable categories. When all of your clothes have been added to the app, creating outfits is a breeze. Garments are isolated on a clean white background for seamless arrangement and "paper doll" style layering. 

Customized garment styling, individually tailored to meet your needs.

Clothing and accessories can be photographed in a number of ways; depending on how you plan to use your images, you might have specific ideas about how you'd like them to look on the web or on your device. No problem. Whether you're a blogger, fashion industry professional, e-commerce retailer, Pinterester, or just someone who wants to get organized, Trove can help you get your items digitalized and looking great.